Transform your team's vision with outcome-based learning.

Our workshops are built from the ground up to deliver the market-driven vision your business needs to succeed. With our industry-trusted facilitators and proven methodology via the Quartz Open Framework, you’ll get the outcomes you need.

Market-Driven Strategy

Market-Driven Strategy

All the steps you need to build an actionable business plan. We’ll start by talking with your market and internal stakeholders. By the time we’re done, your Market-Driven business plan will be ready to go.

Market-Driven Communications

Market-Driven Communications

Nail down a communications plan that will connect with your buyer. Here we walk through the proven steps required to make your next communications plan.

Pragmatic Institute Labs

Pragmatic Institute Labs

Market-Driven Business has partnered with Pragmatic Institute to develop and deliver a series of hands-on labs covering topics like Product Prioritization, Positioning, and more!

Say Goodbye to Boring Talking-head Lectures

The team at Market-Driven Business recognizes that hours of PowerPoint and limited-application corporate training programs rarely achieve the results companies expect. That’s why Market Driven Business workshops are deliverable-based with a focus on participatory learning, rather than just delivering slides and concepts.

Yes, our sessions are delivered online, but again, the focus isn’t on a talking head in a box clicking through slides. Rather, we employ an all-hands-on approach that puts your team center in the center of the action. All of our lean-in sessions are team-interaction driven with a strong focus on building the muscle memory necessary to do it again yourselves next time.

Find out more about the Market-Driven Business approach here.


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