A Note From Our Founder

Business planning is a specialized skill, and many small-to-medium-sized businesses don’t know where to start.

You could hire someone in-house, sure; but that kind of expertise is expensive to acquire, and finding someone with your business’ expertise won’t be easy. Other teams try consultants, but the odds of finding a group that can meet your specific needs are low — and if you do find them, they won’t be cheap. It’s definitely not easy.… but it should be.

That’s why we started Market-Driven Software. We believe that a proven, outside-in business planning methodology should be accessible, affordable, and sustainable. Furthermore, we want that help delivered by industry-trusted facilitators who know the process and common pitfalls, so they can walk with you through the challenging process of planning for your future.

We’re proud of our 3-Day Business Planning Workshop  offering. It starts with the customer, focuses on what is right for you, and delivers a plan and a roadmap that is both tailored to the realities of your business today, and readies you for future success.

Are you ready for 3 days that will change your business forever?

Stacey Weber

Founder and Principal Facilitator

Market-Driven Software

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“The planning workshop from Market-Driven Business gave us the tools and guidance we needed to create an honest, workable, and customer-focused 3-year plan.”

— Paul Tatam, Managing Director, UK, Software Company