Market-Driven LEGO® Serious Play® Series

As with all our workshops, practical hands-on workshopping is key to rich, long-term understanding. LEGO® Serious Play® takes that to the next level. Through a collaborative process and a shared experience your team can re-align to the market, business, and cultural changes.  

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Would you rather watch a concert on tv or be there live? That’s the difference between a traditional lecture and a LEGO® Serious Play® workshop.

LEGO® Serious Play® workshops encourage the team to lean in and solve problems from a 3-dimensional perspective. The LEGO® modeling delivers a level of understanding that cannot be generated in any other medium. The Serious Play® method delivers the proven process that you’ve come to expect from Market-Driven Business. It’s fun, it’s mind-expanding, it’s hugely productive and it’s repeatable, even for distributed global teams.

Get everyone on the same page and get moving forward!

The Market-Driven Business Approach to LEGO® Serious Play®

Unique amongst providers of LEGO® Serious Play® workshops, Market-Driven Business anchors all of our workshops in the voice of the customer. This means that at all times discussion, model building and connections made are firmly rooted in the wants and needs of YOUR market.

Offerings Include:

With Market-Driven Business workshops, you will enjoy:

Deliverable-Based Learning

Get what the business needs while your team learns

Market-Driven Learning

Skip the opinions and focus on what your market really wants

ROI on Your Previous Training Investments

Our hands-on approach will close the gap for your team

Certified Facilitators

In SAFe, Pragmatic Marketing, SCRUM, and LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®

Peace of Mind

Upon completion of our workshop, the team can be confident that you have found the best available way forward.

Ready to play?

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