Stand-alone market research from Market-Driven Business

The customer is at the core of all things Market-Driven Business. Indeed, our workshop engagements all begin with conversations with your market. It’s been so popular that we’ve decided to launch our interview-based research as a stand-alone offering.

If you’re not familiar with our research approach, let’s get you up to speed.

Being market-driven by necessity means being connected to your market. Businesses today need to regularly and habitually speak with buyers, influencers and users so that the business can stay current and connected to the needs of the market. Yet so many teams today rely on big data, analytics, and comp sales figures to make all of their decisions. What all of this is missing is context. This is where our proven interview-based approach to research comes in.

In a Market-Driven Business research engagement, our industry-trusted interviewers will speak with your team and your market, and through the process will highlight gaps in understanding for your team. We’ll work with you to craft questions that answer your research objective, help solicit participants, and perform the calls for you.

With as few as 5 calls, we highlight issues with

  • Churn and retention
  • Product-market fit
  • Sales stories vs Buyer Journey
  • Message-market fit
  • Marketing channel effectiveness

Let’s talk about how one of our interview-based research solutions can get you the insights you need to drive improvement for your business. From One-Off Interviews straight through to a full outsourced Interview-Based Research program, we have a solution to fit your market-driven needs.

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