3-Day Business Planning Workshop

We won’t tell you what’s right for your business. Our proven methodology, delivered by industry-trusted facilitators, will help you figure that out for yourself.

The core of our offering is Business Planning Facilitation. We have developed and refined a proven methodology that will reliably help you plan to reach your goals. Let’s walk through that proven methodology.

Start with the Customer

Our 3-Day Business Planning Workshop offering anchors your business planning in what matters most: the voice of your customer. With the insights gleaned from interviewing a select group of your customer base, the entire planning process is framed in fact and grounded in reality. This is a big shift for some; but it’s well worth it.

Get to Know Your Team

Our facilitators are best able to help you during the on-site stage if they know well your team and their concerns. In addition to a kick-off meeting, we’ll speak with stakeholders including Support, Development, Ops and DevOps, Product Management and Sales. The better we understand your team, the better we can facilitate discussions during the 8-part on-site.

8-Part On-Site

The core of our 3-Day Business Planning Workshop is the 8-part onsite.

Research Review

  • We’ll look into what your customers said and why they said it

Project & Opportunity Analysis

  • Here we review what you’re doing, and what you could be doing

Competitive Review

  • Your competitor know their place in the market, you should too

Strategy Focus

  • You can’t do everything, so you better make it count

Positioning Exercise

  • Can you succinctly articulate why your buyer would want this type of offering?

Organizational Capabilities Gap Analysis

  • Together, we’ll examine gaps that could slow you down

Messaging Review

  • Are you sure that you’re talking about what matters to your customer?

Roadmap Review

  • Now that we’ve talked about everything else, how realistic was your plan?

Final Deliverables

After our work together, we’ll put together the research results, the outputs of each of the sessions, as well as an updated roadmap and plan that is ready to put into action.

Download our eBook and learn the basics of the market-driven philosophy:

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“I worked with the team on a consulting engagement while I was joining a new organization. The coaching and advice offered me a different perspective and gave me the tools, confidence, and credibility I needed to quickly gain trust and make an impact.”

— Myles, Product Marketing @ a Montreal Software Company