Win-Loss Service Offerings

Fundamentally understanding your market’s buying criteria is critical to business success. Win-Loss can help you understand that and more, but since you’re reading this page, you probably already get that.

So why aren’t you practicing Win-Loss today? 

Plug-In Win-Loss Interviews $300

each, or as an annual subscription for $1200/month for up to 5 interviews per month

Plug-In interviews can supplement your existing initiatives or be used to understand what worked and perhaps what didn’t work in a specific deal. The net is we save your team the time it takes to perform your Win-Loss calls but you still leverage your team and their domain expertise to do the work of Win-Loss analysis.
We’ll deliver call notes and a summary of the information gathered and items of note for each interview. And if the interviewee allows recording of the call, we will gladly provide you with the transcript too.
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Win-Loss Program Subscription $2750

per month with a 1-year term

Ready to establish a full-fledged Win-Loss program? A Win-Loss Program Subscription gets you everything you need.
Subscription includes up to 5 calls per month, call summaries and transcripts, quarterly analysis and presentation with one of our senior staff.
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One-Off Win-Loss Projects Let's Talk

Pricing based on project complexity and scope, contact us below for an estimate

Want to learn from your buyers but not yet ready to commit to a full program? Try a one-off Win-Loss project with us to see what Win-Loss is all about.
We’ll perform your interviews, analyze the data for those all-important actionable insights, and craft a report for your review.
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Don’t let Win-Loss fall by the wayside! let’s talk about how one of our plug-in Win-Loss solutions can get you the Win-Loss you need before another opportunity passes you by. From Ad-Hoc Interviews straight through to a full outsourced Win-Loss program, we have a solution to fit your Win-Loss needs.

“I have real actionable steps I can take for my next launch happening in 30 days and for designing campaigns with the team”

— Susan, Product Management

All pricing is in US dollars. Pricing subject to change.