Market-Driven Workshops

We won’t tell you what’s right for your business. We’ll bring the curriculum and the process and help you figure the rest out for yourself.


1-Day Analytics Workshop

There really is a lot of info out there. Market-Driven Analytics is here to help you sift through the reams in a practiced way to get to the insights that matter to your business.


2-Day Strategic Branding Workshop

Every great brand begins with a great roadmap. In this workshop we guide you step-by step in building a winning branding strategy. We begin by learning from your buyers and stakeholders, and we move on to define personas, a brand position, values, and voice. after two days, you’ll have a branding foundation to build on.


2-Day Communications Workshop

Nail down a communications plan that will connect with your buyer. Here we walk through the proven steps required to make your next communications plan.


1-Day Research Workshop

Stand up the interview-based research program you’ve always wanted! Your team will understand how to set objectives, interview, and share learnings with your cross-functional partners.


2-Day Sales Workshop

Deliver a sales playbook that will actually help drive more sales. Here we cover the building blocks and create your Sales Playbook v.1.0 to deliver on your Market-Driven business plan.


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3-Day Business Planning Workshop

All the steps you need to build an actionable business plan. We’ll start by talking with your market and internal stakeholders. By the time we’re done, your Market-Driven business plan will be ready to go.