Market-Driven Branding 

Great brands don’t happen by accident; they are born from insight and intentionality. We’ll guide you in developing the roadmap that will position your brand for success.

Start with the Customer

Our 2-Day Brand Strategy Workshop connects brand planning efforts directly with the needs and preferences of your market. We speak with your buyers and stakeholders to understand what’s most important to them and we begin discussions around branding with those findings. The entire process revolves around finding the synergies between your business objectives and those of your best customers.

We guide you every step of the way

It’s our job to walk you through the process step-by-step and help you translate the voice of your customer into a brand that resonates. At the conclusion of this workshop, you will have a clear understanding of your brand and how to successfully deploy it into the marketplace.

8 Part On-Site

The core of our 2-Day Brand Strategy Workshop is the 8 part on-site

Research Review

We’ll review the voice and preferences of your customers.

Market Audit

Your competitors know their place in the market. You should, too.

Defining Classes of Customers

What are the defining characteristics of the companies that buy from you?

Defining Personas

Who are the individuals within target companies that we need to reach and what makes them tick?

Brand Values

What do we stand for? What qualities are core to our offering? 


Many people will ultimately speak on behalf of your brand — let’s make sure we can teach them how.

Positioning Exercise

Let’s succinctly articulate why your buyer wants your offering.

Visual Comparisons

How strong a first impression do our competitors make?

Final Deliverables

We’ll put together the research results, the outputs of each of the sessions and your new Brand Roadmap. With that, the plan is ready to put into action.

“The planning workshop from Market-Driven Business gave us the tools and guidance we needed to create an honest, workable, and customer-focused 3-year plan.”

— Paul Tatam, Managing Director, UK, Software Company