Market-Driven Communications

Nail down a communications plan that will connect with your buyer. Here we walk through the proven steps required to make your next communications plan.

Start with the Customer

Our Communications Workshop tethers your marketing efforts directly to what matters most: the voice of your market. We speak with buyers in your market to understand their needs and we work with your team to refine competitive positioning and specific communications initiatives. The entire process revolves around finding the synergies between your goals and your customers.

We Get Cross-Functional Input

We’ll speak with stakeholders, both internal and external, including buyers, users, support, sales, operations, and product management. The better we understand the people involved in the communications process, the better we can facilitate discussions during our two days on-site.

5-Part Process

The core of our Communications Workshop is the 5-part process

Project & Opportunity Analysis

Let’s review what you’re doing, and what you could be doing.

Content Focus

Let’s align ideas with market desires and business goals.

Competitive Review

Your competitors know their place in the market. You should, too.

Messaging Review

Let’s make sure that you’re talking about what matters to your customer.

Content Plan Review

Now that we’ve decided what we want to accomplish, let’s lay out what the next year looks like.

Final Deliverables

We’ll put together the research results, the outputs of each of the sessions and your new content plan. With that, the plan is ready to put into action.

Plus, your team will now understand our Proven Methodology and have the tools they need to use it in your future planning.

“Working with the team at Market-Driven Business gave us the focus needed to set meaningful goals and priorities.”

— Jean-Jacques, CEO and Founder, Cloud Software Vendor in France