Market-Driven Positioning

Your customers want their problems solved and you want to solve their problems. Let’s position you where they want you to be.

Tell the right story to the right people

Our positioning workshop connects your business with the needs and preferences of your market. We’ll codify what you’re good at, figure out who you’re doing it for, and pull it all together into a cohesive position your market cares about.

We guide you every step of the way

We’ll walk you step-by-step through our Proven Process and help you nail down what matters when. At the conclusion of this workshop, your team will have a clear understanding how to do it again themselves next time.

4-Part Process

The core of our Positioning Workshop is our 4-part process

Distinctive Competencies

Let’s codify what you’re good at and why that matters to your market.

Defining Personas

Identify and define to whom you will sell. What motivates them? What makes them tick?

Solution Capabilities

They buy solutions to their problems, not lists of features. Let’s work out what works for you.

Positioning Exercise

Let’s succinctly articulate why your buyer wants your offering.

Final Deliverables

We’ll put together the outputs of each of the sessions and your new positioning statement. With that, you’re ready to tell your story.

“Working with the team at Market-Driven Business gave us the focus needed to set meaningful goals and priorities.”

— Jean-Jacques, CEO and Founder, Cloud Software Vendor in France