Market-Driven Sales

Deliver a sales playbook that will actually help drive more sales. Here we cover the building blocks and create your Sales Playbook v.1.0 to deliver on your Market-Driven business plan.

Equip Your Team

Your team is ready and willing to sell, but they don’t yet have the tools they need to do it the Market-Driven way. That’s where the Market-Driven Sales workshop really shines. The better your team knows what they should be talking about and why, the better equipped they will be to deliver.

Proven Methodology

Designed by renowned sales guru Adam Shapiro, this workshop comes from Adam’s extensive knowledge in sales delivery and process. Adam has battle-tested this workshop for more than a decade, and we at Market-Driven Business are excited to bring it to you in this format.

9-Part Process


Founding Story

Let’s draft your Founding Story so the team can tell customers how you improve the world.

Ideal Client Profile

Let’s describe your favorite client, real or imagined, whom you can replicate over and over again.

Key Player Illumination

Let’s figure out the dreams and challenges of the folks with whom your sellers need to interact.

Differentiator Definition

How do differentiator definitions help the Key Players succeed?

Gap Closer

What are they missing? What’s your new point of view?

Story Time

Turn usage Scenarios and successes into stories.

Process Definition

What’s the Process?  What are the steps from first initiation through closing?

Key Player Choreography

Know your dance moves. Choreograph your Key Player conversations.

The Evaluation

Turning Sellers into Project Managers.

Final Deliverables

Sales Playbook

We’ll put together the outputs of each of the sessions and hand off your new Sales Playbook.

Plus, your team will now understand our Proven Methodology and have the tools they need to use it in your future planning.

“I’ve done a bunch of training, but the pragmatic approach at Market-Driven Business focuses on market engagement and team alignment, not just concepts. The central theme of using knowledge of buyers and users increases credibility with key stakeholders like sales and development while building trust.”

— L. Frank Kenney, Director, Sales Enablement