Market-Driven Strategy

All the steps you need to build an actionable business plan. We’ll start by talking with your market and internal stakeholders. By the time we’re done, your Market-Driven business plan will be ready to go.

Start with the Customer

Our 3-Day Business Planning Workshop anchors your future in what matters most: the voice of your market. We speak with your segment to understand their needs. Leveraging the results of those conversations, the entire planning process is then framed in fact and grounded in reality.

We Get Cross-Functional Input

We’ll speak with stakeholders including Support, Development, Operations, Product Management, Product Marketing and Sales. The better we understand your team, the better we can facilitate discussions during the 8-part on-site.

8-Part On-Site

The core of our 3-day business planning workshop is the 8-part onsite.

Research Review

We’ll look into what your customers said and why they said it.

Project & Opportunity Analysis

Let’s review what you’re doing, and what you could be doing.

Market Audit

Your competitors know their place in the market. You should, too.

Strategy Focus

You can’t do everything, so you better make it count.

Positioning Exercise

Let’s succinctly articulate why your buyer wants your offering.

Organizational Capabilities Gap Analysis

We’ll examine gaps that could slow you down.

Messaging Review

Let’s make sure that you’re talking about what matters to your customer.

Roadmap Review

Now that we’ve talked everything out, let’s make a plan.

Final Deliverables

We’ll put together the research results, the outputs of each of the sessions and your updated roadmap. With that, your plan that is ready to put into action.

Plus, your team will now understand our Proven Methodology and have the tools they need to use it in your future planning.

“The planning workshop from Market-Driven Business gave us the tools and guidance we needed to create an honest, workable, and customer-focused 3-year plan.”

— Paul Tatam, Managing Director, UK, Software Company